Work list


Streichquartett, for string quartet (Jan. – Mar. 2021)

‘Ayle, for chamber orchestra and mezzo-soprano (Jun. – Sep. 2020), commissioned by IMPULS Festival, Sachsen Anhalt, Germany

, aus tausend Stimmen, for clarinet, cello, guitar, piano and percussion (2019 – 2020), commissioned by ACHT BRUECKEN Festival, Cologne, Germany

Aeoliás, for flute and percussion (March 2019)

Disjoint Union, for bassoon, cello and 10 instruments (Dec. 2018 – Mar. 2019)

Liebeslied, for piano (June-August 2018)

La violence d’un commencement, for bass clarinet (April 2018)

Saint John Baptist, for eleven instruments, (Nov. 2017- Mar. 2018)

Treppenstufen, for chamber choir and ensemble, commission of the city of Munich (May – Oct. 2017)

Gra-V, for fl, cl, vln, vc, pf, perc, (Feb. – Mar. 2017)

Akathis iasi, for bassoon and contrabass, (Jan. 2017)

Chimaires, for percussion quartet, commission of the Los Angeles Percussion Quartet, (Nov. -Dec. 2016)

Schallform, for cl, vln, pc, commission of Dialoge Festival  Salzburg, Austria (Oct. 2016)

An diese Nacht, for soprano, percussion and recorder, commission of the Hofhaymer Gesellschaft Salzburg, Austria (Sep. 2016)

Aegean Miniature, for chamber orchestra and baritone, commission of IMPULS Festival, Sachsen Anhalt (Jun. – Sep. 2016)

LIGO’s observations, for violin, viola, cello, contrabass and clarinet (in progress), commission of Aspekte Festival Salzburg, Austria (Mar. – May 2016)

Choroí II, (Χοροί II) for 3 percussionists (Jan.-Feb. 2016)

Les messages, for 11 instruments and narrator, after the poem “The messages” by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, commission of FSMA Strasbourg, (Aug.-Sept. 2015)

Choroí, (Χοροί) for french horn, trombone and tuba, (July 2015)

Collider, for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion, (2015)

Manifesto, for microtuned piano, (Nov. 2014- Feb. 2015)

Omaggio á El Greco, for cello and guitar, (2014) commission of Manos Anastasakis

Wo die schönen Trompeten blasen, for trumpet in Bb, (2014) commission of the Salzburg Museum

Antílichô, (Αντίληχώ), for large orchestra, ney and ntayres, (2013)

Anticheirafétisi, (Αντιχειραφέτηση), for sopran or mezzo, flute, violin, guitar and piano, (2013)  after the poem Αντιχειραφέτηση“ by Michail Krimitzas

Tou thanátou, tis Ríkas (Του θανάτου, της Ρίκας), for guitar, (2013), comission of Cecilio Perera

Ton kymátôn (Των κυμάτων), for clarinet, cello and piano, (2012)

Ton vatríôn (Των βατρίων), for clarinet in A, (Aug. 2012)

Entelécheia (Εντελέχεια), for 13 instruments, (2011-2012)

Solfeggio (to his brain), for flute, (2011)

Szenen aus den Erniedrigten und Beleidigten, for two guitars and accordion, (2010-2011)

Mhxanh, for tape, (2010)

Diamáchi (Διαμάχη), for 6 brass instuments and two percussion players, (2010)

Chronik der Γ, for string quartet, (2010)

Mandragóras (Μανδραγόρας), for two flutes, (2009)

Amin (Αμήν), for 6 singers, (2008-2009)

To deili enos trelou (Το δείλι ενός τρελού), for piano, (2007-2008)