Work list


Streichquartett No. 1, for string quartet (Jan. – Mar. 2021), [15′]

‘Ayle, for chamber orchestra and mezzo-soprano (Jun. – Sep. 2020), commissioned by IMPULS Festival, Sachsen Anhalt, Germany, [16′]

, aus tausend Stimmen, for clarinet, cello, guitar, piano and percussion (2019 – 2020), commissioned by ACHT BRUECKEN Festival, Cologne, Germany, [15′]

Aeoliás, for flute and percussion (March 2019), [6′]

Disjoint Union, for bassoon, cello and 10 instruments (Dec. 2018 – Mar. 2019), [8′]

Liebeslied, for piano (June-August 2018), [12′]

La violence d’un commencement, for bass clarinet (April 2018), [7′]

Saint John Baptist, for eleven instruments, (Nov. 2017- Mar. 2018), [11′]

Treppenstufen, for chamber choir and ensemble, commission of the city of Munich (May – Oct. 2017), [23′]

Gra-V, for fl, cl, vln, vc, pf, perc, (Feb. – Mar. 2017), [13′]

Akathis iasi, for bassoon and contrabass, (Jan. 2017), [8′]

Chimaires, for percussion quartet, commission of the Los Angeles Percussion Quartet, (Nov. -Dec. 2016), [9′]

Schallform, for cl, vln, pc, commission of Dialoge Festival  Salzburg, Austria (Oct. 2016), [5′]

An diese Nacht, for soprano, percussion and recorder, commission of the Hofhaymer Gesellschaft Salzburg, Austria (Sep. 2016), [7′]

Aegean Miniature, for chamber orchestra and baritone, commission of IMPULS Festival, Sachsen Anhalt (Jun. – Sep. 2016), [5′]

LIGO’s observations, for violin, viola, cello, contrabass and clarinet (in progress), commission of Aspekte Festival Salzburg, Austria (Mar. – May 2016), [6′]

Choroí II, (Χοροί II) for 3 percussionists (Jan.-Feb. 2016), [6′]

Les messages, for 11 instruments and narrator, after the poem “The messages” by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, commission of FSMA Strasbourg, (Aug.-Sept. 2015), [8′]

Choroí, (Χοροί) for french horn, trombone and tuba, (July 2015), [4′]

Collider, for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion, (2015), [5′]

Manifesto, for microtuned piano, (Nov. 2014- Feb. 2015), [9′]

Omaggio á El Greco, for cello and guitar, (2014) commission of Manos Anastasakis, [6′]

Wo die schönen Trompeten blasen, for trumpet in Bb, (2014) commission of the Salzburg Museum, [3′]

Antílichô, (Αντίληχώ), for large orchestra, ney and ntayres, (2013), [15′]

Anticheirafétisi, (Αντιχειραφέτηση), for sopran or mezzo, flute, violin, guitar and piano, (2013)  after the poem Αντιχειραφέτηση“ by Michail Krimitzas, [11′]

Tou thanátou, tis Ríkas (Του θανάτου, της Ρίκας), for guitar, (2013), comission of Cecilio Perera, [9′]

Ton kymátôn (Των κυμάτων), for clarinet, cello and piano, (2012), [7′]

Ton vatríôn (Των βατρίων), for clarinet in A, (Aug. 2012), [6′]

Entelécheia (Εντελέχεια), for 13 instruments, (2011-2012), [10′]

Solfeggio (to his brain), for flute, (2011), [2′]

Szenen aus den Erniedrigten und Beleidigten, for two guitars and accordion, (2010-2011), [8′]

Mhxanh, for tape, (2010), [6′]

Diamáchi (Διαμάχη), for 6 brass instuments and two percussion players, (2010), [8′]

Chronik der Γ, for string quartet, (2010), [13′]

Mandragóras (Μανδραγόρας), for two flutes, (2009), [20′]

Amin (Αμήν), for 6 singers, (2008-2009), [15′]

To deili enos trelou (Το δείλι ενός τρελού), for piano, (2007-2008), [6′]